Custom Modules

Learn all about the exciting new RocketTheme exclusive modules that are included in the MetaMorph template release. Here you can find instructions for installation and configuration for each of the custom modules/scripts.

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Step One: Installing the Module

  • Download the archive from the MetaMorph download section of the RocketTheme Joomla! Club. Unzip the archive and inside you will find individual zip files for each of the extensions
  • Login in to your administrator console on your Joomla! website and navigate to the Extensions menu item, and select Install/Uninstall from the dropdown menu.
  • In the Upload Package File section, click the Choose File button and select one of the that was inside of the zip file you downloaded earlier. Next click the Upload File & Install button to install the module

Step Two: Publishing the Module

  • Now the module is installed it must be published in the appropriate module position and configured to suit our needs. From the top menu, select Extensions > Module Manager
  • This will take you to the Site Module Manager which allows you to configure the placement and configuration of all modules in your Joomla! website
  • Locate the module from the list. Remember there could be a few pages. Once you have found it, you can publish in 2 ways: The first is selecting the cross next to the tile or clicking the title then set Publish to Yes followed by Save


RokContentRotator is another mootools based module that is used to display your articles in a sleek fading fashion. To set up RokContentRotator, follow the install instructions below.

We will take a quick look at the parameters you will find when you install this module.
  1. Title: Hide
  2. Position: We recommend the rotator position.
  3. Access level: Public
  4. Published: Yes
  5. Module Class Suffix and Cache: Most will leave empty by default.
  6. Module Mode: You have a choice of what type of content to choose from.
  7. Frontpage items: Show or Hide
  8. Count: Enter how many items you would like to show in the RokContentRotator.
  9. Category: Choose which Category to pull your stories from.
  10. Section: Choose which Section to pull your stories from.
  11. Click Title: You have the option to have the effect start when you mouseover the title or when you click on the title.
  12. Include Mootools library: Set to no, unless using this module with a template that does not include mootools javascript.
  13. Show Read More: Show Read More text allowing your users to be taken to the full article.
  14. Read More Label: Enter any text such as Read On, or Learn More.
  15. Transition Duration: This is the time it takes to fade to the next article on mouseover or when the title is clicked.
  16. Preview Length: This is the time your article will display for.

Below is the HTML code for the RokContentRotator Item located on the frontpage and appears first:-
<h3>Introducing ... MetaMorph</h3>

We are pleased to announce the launch of the latest addition to our popular line of premium products, MetaMorph. It will available from the 01.09.08 and will be accompanied by a variety of accessories. 

<a href="index.php?option=com_content&amp;view=article&amp;id=13&amp;Itemid=27" class="readon">Learn more</a>

Integrated RokSlide Tabbed Modules

For MetaMorph, we have integrated RokSlide into the core of the template so you have the RokSlide functionality in terms of tabs with stylish transitional effects with the modular layout of the template.

RokSlide by default has 5 tabs available. Each tab has a module position ranging from User11 to User15, respective to the individual tab. Therefore, you have a single modular position per tab but you have the option of applying multiple modules to a single position. For example, you can assign 3 modules to the User11 position and they will appear in a horizontal layout in Tab 1.


Configuration of the integrated RokSlide itself is primarily controlled in the Joomla Template Manager, such as the Tab and Module name. You can find more details about these configuration options on the Basic Customisations page.


The Signallogin module is a login module for Joomla that was created by RocketTheme and Forum Moderator Chris S. The module itself allows for maximum control on the different elements so it can styled in whatever manner you desire.
We will take a quick look at the parameters you will find when you install this module.
  1. Title: Show
  2. Position: We recommend the top position
  3. Access level: Public
  4. Published: Yes
  5. Module Class Suffix: Leave blank
  6. Theme: Set this to none
  7. Module Orientation: Horizontal
  8. Lost Password: Show
  9. Create Account: Show
  10. Username Length: 10

SignalLogin Module

Signallogin is a custom login module that has an array of options to control layout, function and style. MetaMorph has specific styling for this module for best effect. Read More...

Configure the Template

The template comes with a variety of different customisation options that are accessible from the template index.php file. These options range from selecting the type of menu to enabling/disabling various segments of the site Read More...

Add a banner position

This guide will inform of the steps needed to create a banner module position. This position would be space between the logo area and the adjacent login module. Read More...
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